SGT-A35 Gas Turbine | 31-37 / 32-39 MW

The SGT-A35 offers top reliability and availability for power generation and mechanical drive applications in the oil and gas industry. With a solid reputation in onshore and offshore service, this gas turbine has accumulated over 46 million hours in operation. It is the latest evolution in a technology portfolio refined over 40 years, utilizing proven components from industrial, marine, and aerospace service. The SGT-A35 provides class-leading power density in a compact, lightweight, and easily maintainable package designed specifically for oil and gas applications.

The SGT-A35 uses an aeroderivative, 2-spool gas generator aerodynamically coupled to a free power turbine. Two variants of gas generators and two variants of power turbines are available to perfectly match your requirements in each application.
The 2-spool architecture allows maximum operational flexibility, resulting in a gas turbine with high tolerance to transient excursions and challenging mission cycles, fast starting and with no "hot lockouts". All variants can operate on gaseous and liquid fuel, and can be configured with an optional Dry Low Emission (DLE) combustor.

The SGT-A35 is the result of over 40 years of technological innovation. Utilizing aero engine technology with millions of operating hours accumulated in flight, the SGT-A35 has built a vast experience base of their own with over 46 million hours operating in power generation and mechanical drive service, onshore and offshore and in the most challenging environments.

SGT-A35 gas turbines are already well proven in offshore applications, with over 15 million operating hours accumulated in fixed and floating offshore installations.




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