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Spare parts for gas turbine engines

We deliver gas generators produced by General Electric GE, original spare parts, spare parts of the OEM for aero and industry gas generators engines LM1600, LM2500, LM5000, LM6000, CF6-6, CF6-50, CF6-80A, CF6-80C2, CF6-80E, CF34, TF39, F101, F108, F110, TF34 / 39

Company "HGTP" also supplies gas turbine engines and spare parts from the following manufacturers:

Gas turbines and parts manufactured by P & W (Pratt & Whitney)

Gas turbine JT8D ((all versions))

Gas turbine JT9D ((all versions))

Gas turbine PW2000Gas turbine PW4000

Gas turbines and spare parts manufactured by IAE (International Aero Engines)

Gas turbine V2500 (A1)

Gas turbine V2500 (A5)

Gas turbine V2500 (D5)

Gas turbines and spare parts manufactured by CFMI (CFM International)

Gas turbine CFM56-2 (all versions)

Gas turbine CFM56-3 (all versions)

Gas turbine CFM56-5 (all versions)

Gas turbine CFM56-7

Gas turbines and spare parts manufactured by Rolls-Royce

Gas turbine RB211-22B

Gas turbine RB211-524 (all versions)

Gas turbine RB211-535 (all versions)

Gas turbines and spare parts manufactured by SOLAR TURBINES

Gas Turbine MARS

Gas turbine MERCURY

Gas turbine TAURUS

Gas turbine TITAN


In addition, we supply aero turbines (for aircrafts) of any type.

At the request of our customers, we can extend the warranty on most of our gas turbine spare parts up to 24 months.

Company "HGTP" delivers spare parts and secondary equipment for gas turbines from different manufacturers, namely:

Sensors for gas turbines

Impellers blades and blades for directive wheel of gas turbines

Nozzles and retainers of gas turbine combustor

Gas turbine combustors

Probes for gas turbines

Outdoor and indoor cable for gas turbine engines

Lubricants for gas turbines pumps (for new pumps / or during full repair of the pump)

Gas turbines pumps

Gas turbines starters (new / full repair)

Gas turbines valves (new / full repair)

Gas turbines drives (new / full repair)

Gas turbines operating supplies (filters, gaskets and seals, etc.)

Gas turbines management cards by Speedtronic & Woodward

Equipment and gas turbines service tool boxes


Compressor Assembly Section

Compressor Shaft

Rotor Assembly


VSV/IGV Actuator

Stator Vane

Variable Stator Vane


Fixed Stator Vane


Actuation ring segment

Torque shaft assembly

Connection link

Air Duct



Liner assembly

Cowl assembly

Dome assembly

Venturi swirler



Rotor Assembly

Rotating seal

Nozzle assembly

Turbine Shaft

Coupling assembly

Oil tube

Turbine Nozzle

Stationary Seal (honeycomb)



Ball bearing

Roller bearing


External Piping

Air piping

Oil piping

Fuel system piping (Gas Fuel)


Bevel Gear shaft

Flanged oil seal

Bearing housing

Accessory Component and Instrument

Fuel nozzle

Hydraulic pump


Air/oil separator

Lube and Scavenge Pump

Fuel pressure valve

Hydraulic starter

Thermocouple probe and cable

Electromagnetic speed sensor

Pressure sensor

Temperature sensor

UV flame detector

Vibration detector (Accelerometer)

Ignitor exciter


Fasteners and Connectors






Tube Fitting

Tube reducer

Tube nipple



Metal gasket


Performed packing

Honeycomb air seal

Rotating seal (labyrinth seal)

Carbon seal



Spare parts for gas turbine engines

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