SGT-A05 Gas Turbine | 4-6 MW

Based on proven aeroderivative design, the SGT-A05 gas turbines are flexible, compact and lightweight designs that are ideally suited for decentralized power generation offering high efficiency and fast start-up capabilities.

The SGT-A05 gas turbine variants generate electrical power outputs between 4 and 6 MW for applications such as base load, co-generation, combined heat and power, mobile power and emergency power.

The SGT-A05 (Industrial 501-K) gas turbine engine is an aero-derived engine based on the T-56 turboprop, which is recognized for its reliability and durability in the Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules transport, E2C Hawkeye, P-3 Orion and other widely used aircraft. The aeroderivative design of the SGT-A05 series engine provides a lightweight, modular product that helps lower operating costs through improved fuel consumption, extended hot section life and ease of maintenance.
Designed for power generation, and oil and gas applications, features of the SGT-A05 gas turbine include:

  • Lightweight modular construction

  • Ease of field repair

  • Virtually limitless starts and stops

  • Wide range of fuels in all ambient conditions

  • High electrical and cycle efficiency



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