Meet the LM2500 family of aeroderivative gas turbines

Introducing the LM2500XPRESS:
Modularity, reimagined
With up to 95% assembly in the factory, the LM2500XPRESS was created for speed and simplicity. The LM2500XPRESS comes pre-packaged in 10 simplified modules for easy install and features 27 electrical interconnects vs. 130+ for a traditional plant, as well as minimal mechanical interconnects. Module systems flushing is completed at the factory, so customers don’t need to flush on-site.

The LM2500: Powerful and customizable

The LM2500’s high efficiency helps reduce operating costs, plant emissions, and reliance on the local grid. With its dual fuel capability, including singular annular combustor (SAC) or GE’s latest dual fuel dry low emissions (DLE) technology, the LM2500 delivers performance with low emissions in a variety of situations and water availability scenarios. It features high reliability with control system redundancy, along with multiple options for configuration, making it a great choice for customers who need a more tailored power generation solution. The LM2500’s cycling capability allows multiple daily starts and stops, providing a strong solution for grids with penetration of renewable generation. Its open configuration allows for faster accessibility, easier maintenance, and increased speed of engine removal/replacement.



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