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Now structured in the six strategic categories of Industry Issues, Generator, Electric, Instrumentation & Controls (Gen-E&IC), Operations & Maintenance and Business Practices, Combined Cycle, Regulatory & Compliance, and Combustion Turbines, CTOTF™ now provides nineteen distinct roundtables that touch all areas of plant equipment, combustion turbine manufacturers, and general business practices.

To support this expanded delivery profile, the Executive Board and Leadership Committee were created as was an expanded information and communications network. Administered by GCSI, CTOTF™’s public Website and a Users only Internet Bulletin Board Communications Service (IBBCS), together provide both a dynamic communications capability affording CTOTF™ members with rapid responses to plant performance questions and an extensive presentation library.

As an on-going initiative to capture incremental value, CTOTF™ continues to create bold new ventures that reach outside the traditional user organization. Recognizing the value of the industry’s manufacturing and services companies, CTOTF™ created its Industry Advisory Board (IAB) in 2009. Comprised of representatives from a cross-section of industry services, the IAB provides a collaborative communications platform to identify needs and solutions for the combustion turbine industry.

In reflection of the uniqueness of combustion turbine technology and in the desire to emphasize its emerging “stand alone” identity within the power generation industry, in 2008 CTOTF™ worked with Combined Cycle Journal (CCJ) to establish and host CCJ’s “Best Practice Awards”. And in 2009 CTOTF™ initiated a program to provide Professional Development Units (PDUs) to conference attendees and is actively seeking Continuing Education Unit (CEU) certification through the International Association of Continuing Education Training (IACET).

Entering into its fourth decade of continuous service, CTOTF™’s primary role as the combustion turbine industry’s premier facilitator of information and communications remains its fundamental mission

CTOTF is approaching 50 years as the premier trade association of power plant owners, operators and engineers.  We are a technical conference, constantly improving and innovating power generating equipment across all frames, and we invite you to explore our website and consider joining our group.

CTOTF hosts two biannual events, in the Spring and Fall.  Our Sponsors and Members are invited to present Roundtables, which are technical talks on all aspects of power generation, from design and commissioning to maintenance and rebuilds.  To deliver a safe event, our Virtual Spring, 2021 Conference was completed in April and we hosted almost 500 attendees, over 350 of whom were power plant directors, managers and engineers.  We had over 120 Sponsor attendees and hosted Engineering students from major universities and HBCU’s nationwide.  POWER Magazine, CTOTF’s media partner, also participated along with other power generation press.  Our Sponsors and Members presented 25 Roundtable sessions, consistently drawing over 100 attendees per session, all in a Virtual environment. 

Our 2021 Fall Conference is scheduled for September 19-23, at the Omni Scottsdale Resort.  As the COVID-19 situation continues to improve, CTOTF is planning to host the Fall 2021 conference as a Live event and we are monitoring the situation continually to deliver an outstanding event in a safe environment.  We are opening Sponsor Registration in late April, accepting Speaker Abstracts through July 1 and inviting our User Group members to register, after July 1.  We are working to deliver an exceptional Live event and will be in constant contact with our Members, Sponsors and Media on all updates.               


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