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Turbine Parts Repair and Manufacturing Services

HGTP is a full-service provider for the Alstom turbine. HGTP’s Gas Turbine Services project managers and technical directors are seasoned professionals with a broad range of experiences whose skill sets cover both common and unique makes and models of turbomachinery from around the world.  We have experienced Alstom turbine engineers.

Our specialized services range from Outage planning and Project management for A and B inspections, including assessment and inspection of full drive train and auxiliaries (open SBK/EV combustors for Base Fleet and closed borescope inspection for advanced fleet) to also C inspections (open, assess, repair, clean, and close unit.)

Our capabilities for the Alstom turbine also include providing Radial Rotor Position (RRP) alignment measurement and correction; along with SBK liquid nozzle rebuilds.

HGTP can perform comprehensive Generator inspection and repairs, including high voltage bushing refurbishment.

Our turbine-generator repair facility located in St. Louis, MO can accommodate generator field rewinds of any capacity, including large 4-pole nuclear units.  Our generator experts can also perform a stator rewind on-site. Through years of power generation industry experience, our generator repair specialists conduct full scope electrical testing, visual inspections, and specialty tests as per customer requirements.

We invest heavily in the development of people, procedures, and principle which facilitate improvements in design, reliability, and performance.  Our generator experts designed many solutions to numerous aging fleet issues; for example, Alstom Generator Pole to Pole Connector Modification.   

Within our Turbine-Generator Repair facility, our high speed balance facility is one of the most modern balance facilities for power turbines in the world. Proper balancing of the turbine and generator rotors is extremely vital to ensure proper operation. The facility allows for effective testing to ensure minimal vibrations in any manufacturer’s rotor throughout testing. This same facility also offers field machining services.

MD&A maintains several portable machine shops for use during customer’s plant projects. Shops are contained in portable Conex trailers for easy lifting once we deliver them to your door. Our portable machine shops come stocked with metal grinders, a drill press, lathe, and other handy tools needed to address metals work projects.

Keeping your turbine parts in exceptional working condition is critical to your performance and business continuity. Therefore, it is vital that you put your trust in an experienced turbine parts service provider like HGTP.

At HGTP, our team members have the know-how and expertise necessary to provide comprehensive turbine parts repair and manufacturing services. Our in-house inventory includes one of the largest selections of authentic, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) turbine parts on the East Coast.

Additionally, we offer material upgrades as part of our turbine parts services. By augmenting the materials of your turbine parts, we reduce wear, promote performance, and extend component service lives.

From refurbishing hard-to-find components to fabricating replacements, HGTP is always up to the task, regardless of what your organization’s turbine parts needs are. We support all applications, makes, and models of essential turbine parts, including the following:

● Main stops
● Control valves
● Throttle valves
● Governor valves
● Intercept valves
● Reheat valves
● Boiler feed pump start-up valves

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