SGT-300 gas turbine Parts | 8-9 MW

The Siemens Energy SGT-300 gas turbine is a proven and reliable solution for power generation and combined heat and power applications.

With a single-shaft configuration providing an electrical power output of 7.9 MW and a twin-shaft version delivering a shaft output of 8.4 MW or 9.1 MW, the SGT-300 offers versatile power generation capabilities.

Its compact design, on-site maintainability, and inherent reliability, combined with the ability to operate with a wide range of gaseous and liquid fuels, make it an efficient and flexible choice for various applications.

The single-shaft SGT-300 consists of a single twin-bearing rotor with heavy-duty casing. Quick core engine exchange is possible, which significantly cuts your maintenance-related downtime.

The SGT-300 twin-shaft has a 2-stage gas generator turbine and a 2-stage power turbine. The core turbine is designed for high reliability with powerful performance and quick load following. Its modular design approach allows turbine module exchanges to be carried out on-site as an alternative to a gas generator or power turbine service exchange.

Both versions of the SGT-300 gas turbine are equipped with a Dry Low Emissions (DLE) combustion system, providing low NOₓ emission levels with liquid and gaseous fuels and dual-fuel capability.



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