SGT-400 gas turbine | 10-14 / 11-15 MW

The Siemens Energy SGT-400 is a durable twin-shaft gas turbine suitable for power generation and mechanical drive applications in the 10 – 15 MW power band, suitable for all climates, onshore and offshore.

It boasts operational and fuel flexibility, low emissions, and overall efficiency, with enhancements to rotors and blades as well as a 33% increase in time between overhauls.

Its can-annular design with single-stage combustion enables it to burn a wide range of fuel compositions efficiently at all loads, meeting stringent emissions standards even at low loads, and offering seamless true dual-fuel capability.

  • SGT-400's twin-shaft design includes a two-bearing gas generator rotor with an 11-stage axial flow transonic compressor and a two-stage, overhung compressor turbine

  • Robust free power turbine features a two-stage, overhung design

  • Enhanced rotors and blades extend availability, enabling output speeds up to 10,000 rpm (12,075 rpm for the 11 MW configuration)

  • Heavy-duty casings, horizontally and vertically split, enable on-site maintenance

  • Variable guide vanes optimize performance, and high-chrome blades are available for high-corrosive environments

  • Equipped with a DLE combustion system for low NOx emissions with gaseous and liquid fuels

  • Can-annular, single-stage combustor technology allows burning a wide range of fuel types

  • Advanced controls provide true dual-fuel capability with seamless switching between fuel types without production loss




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