Its ability to operate in island mode, coupled with multiple decades of proven rugged performance, make the 6B an excellent solution for remote installations and extreme operating conditions. The rugged, reliable 6B heavy-duty gas turbine is a popular choice for refineries, natural gas liquefaction power, CHP applications, and industrial power.

Since it can be operated on a wide range of gas or distillate liquids, the 6B gas turbine allows for the use of the most economically available fuel. Standard combustion supports heavy oils, naphtha, bioethanol, methanol, synthetic gases, and steel mill gases and capable of up to 100% hydrogen, or heavy fuel oil with up to 200 ppm vanadium. DLN combustion supports low-cost gas and liquid fuels, including process gases, low calorific gases, and up to 30% hydrogen, 50% ethane, 100% propane, and 50% nitrogen.

The 6B gas turbine was created for extreme conditions—it can handle multiple startups, can operate in island mode, and even features black start capability for volatile grid environments. Its proven technology makes it well-suited for a wide range of applications—from simple-cycle operation to cogeneration, and combined-cycle to mechanical drive. The 289 MMBtu/hr exhaust energy at 549˚C can generate a high quantity of steam with pressure up to 110 bar for industrial steam without supplementary firing.



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