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SGT400 Turbine parts

DescriptionPart No.
screw 219561010
Tension spring pin  277306012
Gasket 346820025
Filter element FF200423B     64/05002028/31 
PTl baroscope plug assembly    MW35024B/01
Filter element FF204204B     64/05002096/6 
Piston ring     MW21224A 
copper washer 1/2 BSP    012653/000 
Filter element  FF204248B     64/05002092/2 
12-point bolt   RW21223/1
Crimping ring - M5     ST91035/96 
Output filter Siemens/CT91206/369
Air filter and manual shut-off valve assembly Siemens/64/03001673/1
Combustion air intake filter Siemens/64/03020261/2010  
Anti-icing system for combustion air intake and ventilation Siemens/64/03020261/2070
Filter element Siemens/64/05002071/17
Filter element in the lubricating oil line Siemens/64/05002092/2
Filter element in the lubricating oil line, flushing Siemens/64/05002092/3
Filter element Siemens/64/05002095/2
Filter Y Siemens/64/05015003/19
Air filter Siemens/64/60050048/29
Filter element FF200236B     64/05002095/2
PT2 baroscope plug assembly  MW35025B/01 
Filter element  S7-400         6ES7971-0BA00
Filter element 5 microns Siemens/SP103394
Filter element 5 microns Siemens/SP116610
Filter maintenance kit Siemens/SP116631
Gasket Siemens/ST1113/1
Gasket Siemens/ST1126S/1
Flat washer M1O - stainless steel 

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