Turbine Blade

  • Frame 3 cover plate stage
Frame 3 cover plate stage

Frame 3 cover plate stage

  • Part #: 314B7156G007
  • Turbine Model: H-J MS3002-1
  • Brand: GE

We are an expert in the manufacture of Frame 3, Frame 5 and Ruston turbine blades. We can provide everything from design to precision casting and machining to the finished product including HT and HIP treatments. We use state of the art technology which allows us to maintain the highest quality.

Blade diameter: 50 – 520 mm (2 – 20,5inches)
Blade weight: 0,1 – 35 kg
Material used: IN 738LC, EEQ-111, IN 713C, IN 713LC, MAR M247, UD500, IN 939

Frame 3 cover plate stage 1
Model of turbine: H-J 
Material: EEQ-111
Ekvivalent to:
EM No. 314B7156G007

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