SGT-600 gas turbine | 24/25 MW

The SGT-600 combines robustness with an excellent maintenance program for high availability and low costs for operation.

With high reliability, excellent fuel flexibility, and third-generation DLE technology, the SGT-600 is a perfect choice for industrial power generation in combined heat and power (CHP), combined circle power plants (CCPP), onshore oil and gas power generation, and mechanical drives, offering efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The SGT-600 offers you best-in-class availability thanks to a robust and reliable design.
The compact twin-shaft engine is easy to maintain and allows for flexible opeation.

Using the same design for power generation and mechanical drive increases the operational experience.

  • The SGT-600 core engine is equipped with a 10-stage flow transonic compressor.

  • It includes variable guide vanes to ensure robust operability.

  • The design is optimized to deliver high performance across a wide range of operating conditions.

  • The 2-stage uncooled free power turbine provides a nominal shaft speed of up to 7,700 rpm.

  • It can operate at 50 to 105% of the nominal speed for mechanical drive.

  • The blades feature interlocking shrouds to enhance robustness.

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