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SGT-600 Courtesy from Siemens

High reliability and availability in combination with good fuel flexibility and third-generation DLE makes the SGT-600 a perfect choice for several onshore applications: Industrial power generation, oil and gas power generation, and mechanical drive applications.

Within the IPG applications, the turbine performs well in combined heat and power plants, and combined cycle plants. The industrial gas turbine combines a robust, reliable design with high fuel flexibility, and low emissions.

More than 330 units have been sold with over 9 million equivalent operating hours, and 185,000 equivalent operating hours for the fleet-leading gas turbine.

·        Robust, reliable design

·        High fuel flexibility

·        Low emissions

  • Performance Data

  • Design Features

ParameterPower GenerationMechanical Drive
Power Output24.5 MW25.2 MW
Frequency50/60 Hz50/60 Hz
Heat Rate10,720 kJ/kWh10,390 kJ/kWh
Pressure Ratio14.014.0
Exhaust Mass Flow81.3 kg/s81.3 kg/s
Exhaust Temperature543 ºC543 ºC
Turbine Speed7,700 rpm3,850-7,700-8,085 rpm
NOx Emissions15 ppmvd15 ppmvd

  • Design Features

      Single shaft

  • 10 compressor stages

  • Can combustion type

  • 2 gas generator turbine stages

  • 2 power turbine stages

  • DLE system

  • Approximate weight: 59,000 kg

SGT-600  Courtesy from Siemens(图1)

SGT-600, courtesy from Siemens

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