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SGT-800 Courtesy from Siemens

The SGT-800 industrial gas turbine offers broad flexibility in fuels, operating conditions, maintenance concepts, package solutions, and ratings. The excellent efficiency and steam-raising capability make it outstanding in cogeneration and combined cycle installations. The SGT-800-based power plant, designed for flexible operation, is perfectly suited as grid support. The SGT-800 combines a simple, robust design, for high reliability and easy maintenance, with high efficiency and low emissions. With a proven, longterm record of successful installations around the world, the SGT-800 is an excellent choice for power generation for industrial and oil and gas applications.

·        Proven reliability

·        Flexible solution

·        Excellent performance

  • Performance Data

ParameterSGT-800 47.5 MW SGT-800 50.5 MWSGT-800 54.0 MWSGT-800 57.0 MW
Power Output47.5 MW50.5 MW54.0 MW57.0 MW
Frequency50/60 Hz50/60 Hz50/60 Hz50/60 Hz
Efficiency37.7%38.3%39.1%40.1 %
Heat Rate9,547 kJ/kWh9,389 kJ/kWh9,206 kJ/kWh8,970 kJ/kWh
Pressure Ratio20.121.021.421.8
Exhaust Mass Flow132.8 kg/s134.2 kg/s135.5 kg/s136.6 kg/s
Exhaust Temperature541 ºC553 ºC563 ºC565 °C
Turbine Speed6,608 rpm6,608 rpm6,608 rpm6,608 rpm
NOx Emissions15 ppmvd15 ppmvd15-17 ppmvd20 ppmvd

  • Design Features

  • Single shaft

  • 15 compressor stages

  • Annular combustion chamber

  • 3 stages turbine

  • DLE system

  • Approximate weight:

    • Classic Package: 285,000 kg

    • Single Lift Package: 320,000 kg

  • Approximate dimensions:

    • Classic Package: 27.9×7.3×15.1 m3

    • Single Lift Package: 19.6×4.7×15.3 m3

SGT-800  Courtesy from Siemens(图1)

SGT-800, courtesy from Siemens

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